JGM 97 - P.A.R.T.Y.

Friday, May 2nd, 2014 | Podcast | 4 Comments

Artist - Track (Label)

01. The Youngsters - Flightcase Pour Criquets (F Communications) Buy
02. Theo Parrish - Synthetic Flemm (Sound Signature) Buy
03. Amir Alexander - Gutter Flex (Argot) Buy
04. Da Posse - The Groove (Clone) Buy
05. Ron & Chez D - Untitled (KMS) Buy
06. Peven Everett - Stuck (Soul Heaven) Buy
07. Kenlou - Moonshine (MAW) Buy
08. Cajmere & Dajae - Get Up Off Me (Cajual) Buy
09. Seven Davis Jr. - P.A.R.T.Y. (Apron) Buy
10. Jack Master - One Trac Mind (Jack) Buy
11. The Plan - Change Of Mood (Submerge) Buy
12. Opaque - Sonic (Archive) Buy
13. Stasis - Point Of No Return (B12) Buy

Direct download: JGM_97_-_P.A.R.T.Y..mp3

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JGM 96 - The Spark

Friday, February 28th, 2014 | Podcast | 2 Comments

Artist - Track (Label)
01. Ital - Ital’s Theme (100% Silk) Buy
02. Spank Spank - Traveling (Sex Trax) Buy
03. Jamie 3:26 & Cratebug - Hit It n Quit It (Lumberjacks In Hell) Buy
04. Lennie De Ice - We Are I.e (i.e. Records) Buy
05. Recloose - Get There Tonight (Planet E) Buy
06. Beckett & Taylor - You Gotta Work (Hand On The Plow) Buy
07. Gemini - We Are The Future (Chiwax) Buy
08. A Man Called Adam - Techno Powers (Big Life) Buy
09. Jus’ Ed - I’m Comin’ (Underground Quality) Buy
10. The Music Man - I Got The Music (Repap) Info
11. SDC - Familiar Terrain (Royal Oak) Buy
12. Beat Pharmacy - The Spark (Soul People) Buy

Direct Download: JGM_96_-_The_Spark.mp3

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JGM 95 - Best of 2013

Monday, December 23rd, 2013 | Podcast | 2 Comments

Some of my favourite releases from the past year.

Artist - Track (Label)
01. Funkineven - Species (Broadwalk) Buy
02. Rhye - The Fall (Maurice Fulton Remix) (Innovative Leisure) Buy
03. Pittsburgh Track Authority - Feel Good (The Harmony Society) Buy
04. Jamie 3:26 - Give Me Your Love (Lumberjacks In Hell) Buy
05. Seven Davis Jr. - All Kinds (Must Have Records) Buy
06. Spirit Of The Black 808 - One (Eargasmic) Buy
07. Jay Daniel - I Have No Name (Sound Signature) Buy
08. Omar S - The Shit Baby (FXHE) Buy
09. Juju & Jordash - Coffin Train (Golf Channel) Buy
10. Kyle Hall - The Architect (NDATL) Buy
11. Greg Beato - 3 (Apron) Buy
12. Levon Vincent - ??? (Novel Sound) Buy
13. The Reflektor - Tulum (Wild Oats) Buy
14. 3 Chairs - 6 Mile (3 Chairs) Buy
15. Moon B - Track 6 (Going Good) Buy
16. Rodney Bakerr - Helicopter (Rockin’ House) Buy
17. M & M - M & M Theme (Let’s Pet Puppies) Buy
18. Jordan GCZ - Crybaby J (Off Minor) Buy
19. Theo Parrish & Tony Allen - Feel Loved (Wildheart) Buy

Direct download: JGM_95_-_Best Of 2013.mp3

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JGM 94 - In Due Time

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 | Podcast | 2 Comments

Artist - Track (Label)

01. Demdike Stare - Eulogy (Modern Love) Info
02. Marcellus Pittman - In Due Time (Rush Hour) Info
03. Pittsburgh Track Authority - Now’s Tomorrow (The Harmony Society) Buy
04. MSQ II - Too Much (Easy Street) Info
05. DJ Nature - 1970 (Golf Channel) Info
06. Moon B - Untitled (Going Good) Info
07. Risque III - Essence Of A Dream (Stride Records) Info
08. John Heckle - Life On Titan (Mathematics) Buy
09. Jamie 326 - Bostich Time (Strobelight Honey) Info
10. Propaganda - Frozen Faces (ZTT) Info
11. Tin Man - Manifesto Acid (Absurd) Buy
12. Theo Parrish - Dan Ryan (Sound Signature) Buy
13. Mondee Oliver - Make Me Want You (Gherkin) Info
14. Dj Skull - Don’t Stop The Beat (Djax) Info
15. Gene Hunt - Madd Kapp (Hotmix) Info
16. 7th Plain - The Needs of The Many (GPR) Info

Direct download: JGM_94_-_In_Due_Time.mp3

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JGM 93 - Imagine A Nation

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 | Podcast | 4 Comments

Artist - Track (Label)

01. Edwin Birdsong - Lollipop (Editions Disco) Info
02. Circulation - Ex-Tempo (Balance) Info
03. Mission Control - Outer Limits (Atlantic) Info
04. Chris Perez Project - Nova (Coco Soul) Info
05. Wbeeza - He So Crazy (Third Ear) Info
06. Groove Collective - Everything Is Changing (Naked) Info
07. Glenn Underground - 7th Trumpet (Strictly Jaz Unit) Buy
08. Rednail Kidz - I Think Of You (Classic) Info
09. Adesse - Baayi (Prime Numbers) Info
10. Oni Ayhun - Untitled (Oni Ayhun) Buy
11. LHAS - With In With Out (Push II Shove) Info
12. Gemini - Imagine A Nation (Relief) Info
13. Prince And The Revolution - Erotic City (Warner) Info
14. Bang The Party - Bang Bang You’re Mine (Warriors Dance) Info

Direct download: JGM_93_-_Imagine_A_Nation.mp3

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JGM 92 - I’ll Never Let You Go

Monday, May 20th, 2013 | Podcast | No Comments

Artist - Track (Label)

01. Don Carlos - Alone (Calypso) Info
02. Takuya Matsumoto - Jump Rope Music (iero) Info
03. Levon Vincent - ??? (Novel) Info
04. William S - I’ll Never Let You Go (Trax) Info
05. Kerri Chandler - Yellow (King Street) Info
06. Bohannon - Let’s Start The Dance (Rock Mo) Info
07. Tikkle - Sublime (House Jam) Info
08. Spirit Of The Black 808 - Two (Eargasmic) Buy
09. R-Tyme - R-Theme (Transmat) Info
10. The Reflektor - Palenque (Wild Oats) Info
11. 3 Chairs - 6 Mile (3 Chairs) Info
12. Virgo - Under You (Trax) Info
13. Stasis - They Shit Chips Don’t They (Peacefrog) Info
14. Robert Hood - Untitled (M Plant) Info
15. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - The President At The Train (Varese Sarabande) Info

Direct download: JGM 92 - Ill Never Let You Go.mp3

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JGM 91 - Thunder

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 | Podcast | No Comments

Guest mix from Miles Simpson, one of three residents of the London based Thunder party. Miles alongside Joseph Apted and Rick Hopkins have been throwing the quarterly Thunder party for the past couple of years, bringing in guests such as John Heckle, Aybee and Patrice Scott. Miles gives us a cracking mix of era spanning house & techno, with many a PYF favourite in there. If you’re in London be sure to check out the upcoming party with DJ Nature - should be a good ‘un!

Artist - Track (Label)

01. Hieroglyphic Being – Ancient Echoes (The Gherkin Tribute Sessions 2003) (+++) Info
02. DJ Rush – I Wanna (Thunder Edit) (Trax) Info
03. Henrik Schwarz – Chicago (Mood Music) Buy
04. Juju & Jordash – Coffin Train Getaway (Golf Channel) Info
05. OB Ignitt – Oh Jabba (FXHE) Buy
06. Innerspace Halflife - Edo Tensai (Latency) Info
07. The Outerlimit - Dance In A Daze (There Version) (Underworld) Info
08. Project Democracy - Is This Dream For Real? (Psychedub) (Under Dog) Info
09. Ernie – Black & Grey (Contrast Wax) Info
10. Phuture – We Are Phuture (Trax) Buy
11. Sound Stream – Inferno (Sound Stream) Buy
12. Delano Smith - What I Do (Reconstructed By Mike Huckaby) (Sushitech) Buy
13. Recloose - Electric Sunshine (Andres Remix) (Rush Hour) Buy
14. Brawther - Asteroids & Stardust (The Classic Revamp) (Balance) Info
15. The Vision – Shardé (Nu Groove) Info

Direct download: JGM_91_-_Thunder.mp3

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JGM 90 - Dreamz

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 | Podcast | No Comments

Artist - Track (Label)

01. Gemini - Counting Sheep (Peacefrog) Info
02. Fabrice Lig - Miss It (Playhouse) Buy
03. Basement Jaxx - Get Down Get Horny (Atlantic Jaxx) Buy
04. Kyle Hall - Fuse N Me (Wild Oats) Info
05. Spekter - Pipe Bomb (Sound Signature) Info
06. Lady Blacktronika - Lil Re Re (Sound Black) Buy
07. Storm Bryant - Love Lifted Me (Guidance) Info
08. James Harris - Tuffest Of The Tuffest (Warriors Dance) Info
09. Ani - Love Is The Message (Prescription) Buy
10. Kassem Mosse - Untitled (Workshop) Buy
11. Vainqueur - Solanus (Chain Reaction) Info
12. Ike Release - Phazzled (MOS Deep) Info
13. Echo 106 - Broken Hihat Machine (Mathematics) Buy
14. 3 Chairs - Dreamz (Three Chairs) Info
15. Quiet Daze - The Scenic Route (Transmat) Info

Direct download: JGM_90_-_Dreamz.mp3

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JGM 89 - Best Of 2012

Friday, December 14th, 2012 | Podcast | No Comments

Some of my favourite artists, tracks and labels of 2012.

01. FunkinEvil - After Dusk (Wild Oats) Buy
Great collaboration between Kyle Hall and Funkieven, released via Hall’s Wild Oats label. The a-side ‘Night’, is a raw acidic workout reminiscent of Jamal Moss’ works - no holds barred on this one. ‘Dusk’ on the b-side keeps things mellower with its loose bass-line and keys - top quality jam.

02. The Abstract Eye - I Feel It In My Forehead (Eglo Records) Buy
Gifted & Blessed gives us the second outing under The Abstract Eye moniker, via the always on-point Eglo Records. Like last years excellent ‘Cool Warm Divine’ EP, it’s another slice of Detroit infused electro and techno - highly recommended. Look out for the upcoming Wild Oats release under The Reflektor guise, for similar vibes.

03. Storm Queen - Lets Make Mistakes (Environ) Buy
After their excellent 2010 debut (‘Look Right Through’), last years Storm Queen offering, ‘It Goes On’, fell a little short for myself. However, 2012 sees Morgan Geist & Damon Scott come right with the ridiculously catchy ‘Lets Make Mistakes’ - couldn’t get this one out of my head.

04. James Mason - Nightgruv (Rush Hour) Buy
For me this was the most vital re-issue of the year. ‘Nightgruv’ recorded in 1984 and originally released in 1996, is a proto-house track that sounds a lot like Larry Heard. On the flip, ‘I Want Your Love’, is a slower boogie number - both tracks are so good that you can understand the previous high price tag. Rush Hour, once again doing a fine job with unearthing the gems. Read more best of 2012 …

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Fall record reviews

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 | Sounds | No Comments

I haven’t posted that many reviews recently, so here’s a run down of some stand outs from the past few months.

First up, Theo Parrish teams up with Andrew Ashong on the most recent Sound Signature release, ‘Flowers’. Although Parrish’s touch can be heard on the title track, it’s certainly a welcome departure from his recent output. Ashong provides the two tracks on the flip, which are equally as catchy.

Andres follows-up from the popular ‘New For U’ release from earlier this year, with the second outing on his La Vida label, ‘Second Time Around’. A couple of tracks are updated and re-mastered versions of previous Mahogani releases - as to be expected all quality here and for me a better record than ‘New For U’.

Kyle Hall collaborates with Funkineven under the alias of Funkinevil on the latest release from Wild Oats. The a-side ‘Night’ is a raw acidic workout that’s reminiscent of Jamal Moss’ works - no holds barred on this one. ‘Dusk’ on the b-side keeps things mellower with it’s loose bass-line and keys - top quality jam.


Last year Spanish label Downbeat launched its Black off-shoot, with the wonderfully odd ‘Avian Oasis’ from Juju & Jordash. For the labels second release, prolific Ukrainian producer Vakula, gives us two slow jazz inspired cuts, (’For Kira Nevis’ and ‘Curves’), both of which are in the vein of Moodymann’s productions. The b-side features the excellent ‘Lbeat’ which ups the bpm and can be heard on this recent mix.

Damon Bell’s ‘Nommo’ EP released via Deepblak, also fuses jazz with deep house to fine effect. The a-side gives us the 12 minute long ‘Pathways & Mindframes’, which sounds a lot like Pepe Bradock - obviously a good thing. ‘The Call Of NgKah’ sees Bell in beatdown mode, reminiscent of Reggie Dokes’ productions and ‘Heru’ is a wonderful jazz cut-up - heady stuff, that is well worth your time.

Another one to be heard on this recent mix is the unexpected release from Track Mode. Since it’s launch in the mid-90’s, Track Mode has been responsible for releasing some fine deep house records from the likes of Larry Heard, Theo Parrish, GU and Jovonn. After a few years absence Track Mode returns with a release from label head Brett Dancer. I’m not sure if this is new material or from the archives, but either way, it’s a great record. Hopefully we’ll hear more output from Track Mode soon.

Over the summer Fred P re-issued a few records on his Soul People imprint, including the excellent remix of ‘Come This Far’, which was originally released last year. I didn’t pick this one up at the time (opting for the full album release instead), so I snapped it up this time around. Finale Sessions also re-issued a couple of older Fred P tracks, albeit slightly different versions, on Finale Revisited Vol. 1. ‘Dawn’ and ‘Emotive Vibrations’ get extended this time around, both clocking-in at over 12 minutes, giving the tracks ample time to build - some of Fred’s best work to date.

Finale Sessions also gives us a split release from Chicago’s Hakim Murphy and Amir Alexander on the ‘New Roots’ EP. For myself this record is all about the two Amir Alexander tracks, with their tough drum programming, Atkins-esque bass-lines and emotive pads. Amir treads a similar path on the ‘Gutter Flex’ EP, the excellent debut release from Argot - both records are highly recommended. More machine driven funk, this time from Hakim Murphy who gives us ‘Wet Analog’, the second outing on Ike Release’s Episodes label. Raw, heady stuff here - if you picked-up the first Episodes then you’ll know what to expect. Also, be on the lookout for Episodes upcoming third release, “Astrodynamics”, from Ike and Hakim under their Innerspace Halflife moniker - top notch.

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