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Monday, February 28th, 2011 | Sounds

There’s been no slow in pace for great music being released over the past few months. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying, including a few things that didn’t make it into my year end mix.

Kassem Mosse shows no sign of letting-up on quality releases. His latest offerings on Workshop and Kinda Soul both live up to the standard of Mosse’s previous outings. The Workshop EP, delves into deep house territory, with the untitled b side track being the stand-out. The ‘2D’ EP on Kinda Soul features the hypnotic track ‘Thalassocalyce’, which has a distinct Omar S vibe to it - you can see why Omar has released Mosse’s material on FXHE.


Speaking of Omar S, he too has a couple of recent releases of note. The first, a collaboration with Kai Alce, which produces great results. The ‘Jive Time’ EP features three solid tracks, all with tough drum programming accompanied by archetypal Detroit melodies - pure late night vibes. Omar’s other release, ‘Here’s Your Trance, Now Dance!’ is a monster of a track, in a similar vein to ‘Psychotic Photosynthesis’, and no doubt will be just as popular.


Also, on the Detroit tip, Delano Smith releases two tracks via his Mixmode label. Nothing too surprising, just simple, effective, driving house of the finest quality. Theo Parrish releases his ‘Sketches’ compilation through Sound Signature, which gathers all of the tracks from the 12″ series. The 12″s were very limited and also extremely expensive - something that was insightfully discussed over on ISM. ‘Sketches’ is a solid album, with highlights being, ‘Kites On Pluto’, ‘Thumpasaurus’, ‘Black Mist’ and the ‘Untitled’ track featuring Larry Mizell (of the Mizell brothers fame). A better job done with the mastering of the CD would have been nice - if the vinyl prices are going to be prohibitively expensive, then at least offer a quality alternative. Theo also gives us his rendition of Tullio de Piscopo’s, ‘Stop Bajon’ via Italy’s Archive Records. This is Theo at his finest, taking very little from the excellent original and turning it into a 16 minute slow burning beauty.

Another record that is hitting all the right buttons, is Tin Man’s ‘Nonneo’. The first release of the Acid Test series from LA’s Absurd Recordings, is as you would expect an acid house affair. ‘Nonneo’ sees Tin Man focusing on crisp, driving drum programming while keeping the sparse and emotive 303 bassline fairly restrained, producing both a trippy yet upbeat feel. ‘Accumulated Acid’ slows the pace right down, and is as good as any of Plastikman’s best moments. The b-side sees Donato Dozzy remix ‘Nonneo’, who keeps the track sparse and really lets the bassline breathe, which only adds to the trippiness of the track. A real treat of a record - highly recommended.

Deepblak kicks-off it’s 10 year anniversary with ‘Means and Ways’, the  debut album from Afrikan Sciences. The album opens with the excellent ‘Spirals’, whose swirling synth strings sound like they came from a Derrick May production. Other personal album highlights, ‘Ejercicios’ and ‘NanoRock Skank’, tread a similar techier path. The rest of album deftly explores the depths of multiple genres, all with a heavy influence of (hi-tech) jazz running though-out. A heady and extremely enjoyable listen.


On the re-issue tip, 7th Sign Recordings shines the light of day on G Strings ‘Land Of Dreams’. This Chicago house obscurity, originally released in 1990, has become hard-to-find and quite expensive. The much needed re-issue also provides a cleaner pressing. This is equally as good as many of the better known Chicago house tracks from that time period, in a similar vein to Ron Trent’s ‘The Afterlife’.



A few things from the UK that I’ve been enjoying recenty. First up Maya Jane Coles’ ‘What They Say’ on Real Tone Records. As Dope Jams rightly points out, this record sounds a lot like MK only with modern production flairs - simple yet very, very effective. Instra:mental gives us ‘Detuned Heart’ on Autonomic. Another track that echoes past sounds, ‘Detuned Heart’ has a distinct Aphex Twin vibe - this wouldn’t sound out of place on Warp’s Artificial Intelligence series. I’ve also been enjoying Deep Space Orchestra’s productions recently. First becoming aware of these guys from their ‘Storm Warning’ track included on the excellent ‘We Made This’ compilation from last year. 2011 has already seen three records from Deep Space Orchestra, with my pick being ‘Riding My Imaginary Jeep’ on aliOOFT’s Foto Recordings.


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