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Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 | Sounds

Jamal Moss’ Mathematics Recordings has consistently put out great music from new artists. Out of the latest batch of releases from the label, John Heckle’s ‘The 4th Dimension’ is really doing it for me. Continuing in the same vein as last year’s ‘Life On Titan’, Heckle provides four deep, raw Chicago inspired cuts. Mathematics also gives us an update of the acid house classic ‘Lack Of Love’ by Charles B and Adonis. Also, on the Chicago tip, Traxx releases ‘Rhythm Relics’ via his Nation label. A collaboration with D’Marc Cantu and Tadd Mullinix, with the Saturn V cut, ‘The Fresh Heir’, sounding very reminiscent of Virgo 4. Speaking of which, Virgo 4 are featured alongside a whole host of producers on Rush Hour’s, ‘Chicago Dance Tracks Vol. 1′. Compiled by Gene Hunt, the release features unreleased material taken from reel-to-reel’s given to Hunt during the 1980’s, and includes artists such as, Mr. Fingers, Steve Poindexter, Ron Hardy, Farley Jackmaster Funk and Lil’ Louis.

A couple of Detroit pieces I’ve been enjoying. First-up is a killer Scott Grooves remix of Norm Talley’s ‘The Journey’ on Third Ear. I had to check to make sure the credit was correct, as the remix sounds very much like Mike Huckaby rather than Scott Grooves. Omar S gets long time collaborator, Shadow Ray, to remix ‘Here’s Your Trance, Now Dance!‘. Shadow Ray doesn’t deviate too much from the excellent original, adding a rugged bassline and more bottom-end to great effect.


DJ Qu unleashes ‘Gymnastics’ in the form of three 12″s (as well as a CD that combines all tracks). Lush deep house and raw rhythmic workouts that Qu is known for. Each record has great tracks, but my pick by a hair is ‘Part A/B’. Oakland’s Deepblak label is keeping the releases flowing too. Forthcoming in June, is Aybee’s ‘11:11′ vinyl only EP - deep electronic soul that has a similar vibe to his release on Further. Also forthcoming is an Afrikan Sciences 12″, which takes tracks from the excellent album, ‘Means and Ways’ and includes a remix from Aybee.


Stuart Li, better know as Basic Soul Unit, gives us a second release under his Herman guise on Fine Art Recordings. Herman’s ‘Rock Your Body’ is a solid track, however, Vakula’s remix takes things up a notch, and in my opinion outshines the original - great to see this track getting a physical release. Vakula also gives us a fine re-interpretation of Steve Reich’s ‘2×5: Movement 3 Fast’. Other producers efforts at remixing Reich have often given mediocre results, however, Vakula subtly approaches ‘2×5′, turning the track into a piano driven deep house affair. Laid gives us it’s first non-vinyl release, in the form of it’s forthcoming label compilation. A solid offering, however, I can’t help but feel a missed opportunity. Key tracks such as Lawrence’s ‘Dwelling On The Dunes’ and John Robert’s ‘White’ are omitted. The compilation does include Kassem Mosse’s excellent ‘Untitled’ track - that alone is good enough reason to pick-up the release.

Joy O, aka the artist formerly known as Joy Orbison, continues his strong track record, with his latest release on Hotflush. ‘Jels’ is a heavy acid-tinged track, and is a great example of the current crop of music coming out of the UK, by producers who are giving their own twist to the sound of the windy city. On a similar tip, Boddika (one half of Instra:mental) gives us ‘Warehouse’, taken from the excellent ‘Back & Forth’ release (also on Hotflush). The compilation is chock-full of other great tracks from the likes of FaltyDL, Scuba, DBridge etc.



A couple non-dancefloor orientated releases that I’ve been enjoying recently. First-up, Moritz Von Oswald Trio’s sophomore album ‘Horizontal Structures’, which was released a few months ago now, but releases like this take a little time to fully sink-in. The album continues in the same vein as the trios debut album, however, for myself it’s a little more approachable than ‘Vertical Ascent’. Moritz has his trio and Vladislav Delay has his quartet. Although treading a similar jazz-based approach, the ‘Vladislav Delay Quartet’ album (also released via Honest Jons), musically is quite different from MVO3. More harsh and noisey, the album is certainly a challenging and interesting listen.

Finally, a couple of less familiar names that warrants some attention. Mo Kolours gives us his debut, ‘Drum Talking’, via One Handed Music. As the title suggests, the drum of Mo Kolour’s native Mauritius is dominant through-out. Quite a few tracks sound like Theo Parrish productions - molasses slow, soulful rhythms. Kuri over at Energy Flash, along with Struggle bring us the Night Gallery label. The first release is from an established artist working under the pseudonym of Dijkhuis. There’s a good range of styles on the release, with my pick being the infectious ‘My Love Is…’ track. The second release on the label (also by Dijkhuis) is forthcoming, and is equally as good. Kuri and Struggle have provided a couple of great mixes, which will be available on the podcast over the next few weeks.

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