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Spring 2012 round-up

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 | Sounds | No Comments

2012 is only a couple of months in, yet there has been no slow in pace of new releases worth picking up. Here are a few things that I’ve been enjoying recently.

Dutch label Dekmantel offers the first in a series of releases celebrating it’s 5 year anniversary. Juju & Jordash’s contribution, ‘African Flower’, is the stand-out of the two tracks on the 12″. Another version of ‘African Flower’ was first included on the excellent Aesthetic Audio release from 2008 and has long been one of my favourite productions from the duo. The ‘Cosmic Dub’ included on the Dekmantel release, strips things down (compared to the Aesthetic version), giving the bass and guitar more room in the mix which furthers adds to the deep atmosphere of this track. Juju & Jordash also provide a remix, along with John Heckle for TR-One’s ‘Drum Dance’, on Apartment Records. All three cuts on this record are great; Juju & Jordash provide a more dubbed-out affair, Heckle gives us a swinging Chicago style remix and TR-One’s original gives us drum work-out for the first third of the record before breaking into some heavy chords & synth - highly recommended.

On the Detroit tip, Theo Parrish’s remix of Helium Robot’s ‘Jarza’ is one of the best things I’ve heard from him in a while. Sonically cleaner and with drum programming that is a lot more straight-up than most of Parrish’s productions - but there is no mistaking Theo’s sound in this excellent remix. Helium Robot’s original version of ‘Jarza’ as well ‘Crepitation’ are also recommended (although quite different from Theo’s translation). R&S teams up again with Juan Atkins to give us the new Model 500. Atkins is back to working solo (after working with UR members on the last release) and gives us two tracks that are reminiscent of his ‘Deep Space’ era material - a real return to form.

There’s been a lot of re-issues and compilations released over the past few months worth picking-up if you don’t have the originals (or enough money to buy them). First-up, Rush Hour, who always do a fine job with unearthing older gems, releases James Mason’s ‘I Want Your Love/Nightgruv’. The original released in 1996 has become quite sought after, fetching high prices on Discogs. ‘Nightgruv’ recorded in 1984 is a proto-house track that sounds a lot like Larry Heard. On the flip, ‘I Want Your Love’, is a slower boogie number - both tracks are so good that you can understand the previous high price tag. Rush Hour have also released a Burrell Brothers retrospective, collecting the finer moments from their Nu Groove releases. Included are some of my personal favourites like, Metro, Utopia Project and NY House’n Authority - some of the best house music around. Another New York house gem that has been long sought after, the Joubert Singers ‘Stand On The Word’, gets a re-issue from French label Favorite. Included is the wonderful Tony Humphries mix as well the more widely available (but equally as good) Larry Levan mix. New French label, Vibes and Pepper, gives us Claude Young and Terrence Parker’s ‘The 4 Play EP’, which was originally released on Claude Young’s Dow label in 1993. Four raw Detroit house tracks, two of which (the untitled a-side tracks) have not aged too well in my opinion, however the record is still worth picking up for the two great (untitled) b-side tracks.

Also seeing a re-issue, is Porter Ricks’ ‘Biokinetics’. Released in 1996 on Basic Channel sub-label, Chain Reaction, and now getting a much needed release on Type. Deep, immersive techno, that was (and still is) way ahead of it’s time and hugely influential for many producers and genres over the years - highly recommended. Italian producers, Donato Dozzy & Neel, gives us ‘Voices From The Lake’, another essential deep techno album. If you enjoyed Donato Dozzy’s album, ‘K’, then you’ll definitely enjoy what is on offer here. The album’s eleven tracks seamlessly build, giving it a live performance vibe and makes this a deeply compelling album that you’ll want to hear from start to finish.

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JGM 80 - The Final Frontier

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 | Podcast | No Comments

One from the archives, transferred from a cassette recording made long ago.

Artist - Track (Label)

01. Logic - The Warning (Strictly Rhythm) Buy
02. The Sound Vandals - Feel It (Nu Groove) Info
03. Logic - The Final Frontier (Strictly Rhythm) Buy
04. Alternations - Feel It For You (RCA) Info
05. Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino (BCM) Info
06. Dv8 - This Beat Is Over (Strictly Rhythm) Buy
07. Underground Solution - Deep In My Mind (Strictly Rhythm) Buy
08. Robert Armani - Circus Bells (Dance Mania) Buy
09. MD Connection - Laser Scan (Muzique Records) Info
10. Lil’ Louis - Blackout (FFRR) Info

Direct download: JGM_80_-_The_Final_Frontier.mp3

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